Birds of a Feather Tutorial

Birds of a Feather

Two or three times a year, I assess my wardrobe. Ever-changing trends mean I can be fickle in my fashion choices, and so a closet overhaul allows me to determine which pieces I actually wear, and which I don’t (those that have been relegated to the back are passed on to family and friends, who have been known to inherit an entire new wardrobe’s worth of clothes!). Organising my wardrobe is one of my favourite pastimes, because a) it’s bordering on therapeutic and b) I can see what is missing from my life. My most recent overhaul highlighted that my pieces are either really casual (like my never-ending collection of knitwear) or really dressy (hello sequins). It occurred to me that a piece addressing both ends of this spectrum would be an ideal addition to my wardrobe, and would solve those tricky situations where you’re unsure whether to dress up or down. And so my new OTT, feathered, embellished but still casual slouchy tee was born…

What you will need:

Birds of a Feather Tutorial

  • A t-shirt (mine was from Primark; no product link available)
  • Feather trim (I used this. How much you need will depend on the size of your t-shirt; I found one yard was sufficient for a size 10 t-shirt)
  • Crystal trim (I actually used two crystal hairbands from Primark (no product link available), but you can find similar on eBay, or use broken jewellery)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  1. Turn your t-shirt inside out. Since feathers are inherently curved, decide which way you would like them to fall; I wanted my feathers to curve inwards to my body, rather than flick outwards. Glue the appropriate side of the feather trim’s hem.

Birds of a Feather Tutorial

2. Press your glued feather trim onto the hem of the inside out t-shirt, depending on the length of feathers you want to be exposed. I placed the hem of the trim slightly above the hem of the t-shirt. Apply pressure to help the glue bond to the fabric.

Birds of a Feather Tutorial

3. After allowing the glue to dry, turn the t-shirt inside out, so it appears as it would if you were wearing it. Place your crystal trim around the neckline. When you are satisfied with the placement, glue each section down individually, applying pressure to help the bond. My trim was articulated, so I left the two lowest sections free to move.

Birds of a Feather Tutorial

Once the glue has dried, you are able to showcase your t-shirt! I recommend that you hand wash this inside out, keeping the feathers out of the water.

Birds of a Feather Tutorial

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