Magpie DIY was born of a childhood nickname bestowed upon me by my Nanny. Like a Magpie, I was (and am) drawn to ornamentation and embellishment, and would (will) adorn myself in anything with glitter. However, such craftmanship comes at a price – my expensive taste was (is) exactly that: expensive.

The aim of Magpie DIY is to take items you already own, or can source cheaply, and transform them into on-trend pieces worthy of a magpie’s attention. Each tutorial will take no longer than an hour to complete, and requires no specialist skills or equipment.

Don’t be shy! If you follow any tutorials I would love to see your creations – either leave a comment, tag @magpiediy or hashtag #MagpieDIY.

If you are yet to be convinced of the Magpie DIY ethos, I am happy to take orders for any of the detailed tutorials, and am able to personalise most – you can contact me at magpiediy@outlook.com.

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