Dune-Inspired Plimsolls Tutorial

Dune-Inspired Plimsolls

One of the best things about Instagram is that it allows me to discover new pieces. I’ve lost track of the number of fashion pictures I’ve liked that detail unique necklines, exquisite embroidery (I’m looking at you Georgina Chapman!) and must-have pieces that scream ‘buy me!’ One of the worst things about Instagram is that too often, I fall in love with items waaay out of my budget. This happened recently when someone posted these Dune plimsolls. Fringe, embellishment and suede? I wanted them. But (I see a theme emerging here…) I wasn’t prepared to sink £80 on a pair of slip ons when I knew they could be recreated for a fraction of the price. And what could be better in today’s Instagram brag culture than posting a pair of kicks with the caption ‘I made these’ *cue adulation*?

Don’t be put off by the number of steps in this tutorial. It’s like a Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal – once the ingredients have been prepared, the assembly will be speedy.

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