Crack Open The Bauble-y Tutorial

Crack Open The Bauble-y

With Bonfire weekend over, I am finally allowed to prepare for my favourite holiday of all time: Christmas! I’m the sort of person to hum ‘Jingle Bells’ in August, so forcing myself to wait until now has been hard. And truthfully, I have lapsed a bit (a lot) – I have already done all of my Christmas shopping! I know, I know, I’m keen, but I like to be organised when shopping for my loved ones. One thing I don’t love, however, is being caught unprepared when gifted with an unexpected present. True, not everyone expects a present in return, but if someone has gone to the effort to choose something for me, I like to reciprocate. These double-duty baubles are perfect – you can whip a few up and keep them in your bag for this situation, and forever be known as the ultimate present-giver.

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