H.O.T.T Air Balloon Chandelier Tutorial

H.O.T.T Air Balloon Chandelier

Every so often, a motif comes along that defines a season: the swallow a few years ago; the pineapple last year… Lately I’ve seen a whole lot of hot air balloons, from tattoos to centrepieces, and I have to admit, I’m smitten. There’s something about a hot air balloon that I find whimsical and almost other-worldly. In my infatuation, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, which led me to discover these (be still my beating heart). I never really ‘got’ the steampunk thing, but these delicate light bulbs have certainly changed my mind.  In keeping with the whimsicality that so draws me to hot air balloons, I decided to create a chandelier of decorated light bulbs, complete with fluffy clouds.

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