Birds of a Feather Tutorial

Birds of a Feather

Two or three times a year, I assess my wardrobe. Ever-changing trends mean I can be fickle in my fashion choices, and so a closet overhaul allows me to determine which pieces I actually wear, and which I don’t (those that have been relegated to the back are passed on to family and friends, who have been known to inherit an entire new wardrobe’s worth of clothes!). Organising my wardrobe is one of my favourite pastimes, because a) it’s bordering on therapeutic and b) I can see what is missing from my life. My most recent overhaul highlighted that my pieces are either really casual (like my never-ending collection of knitwear) or really dressy (hello sequins). It occurred to me that a piece addressing both ends of this spectrum would be an ideal addition to my wardrobe, and would solve those tricky situations where you’re unsure whether to dress up or down. And so my new OTT, feathered, embellished but still casual slouchy tee was born…

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Kiki de Montparnasse-Inspired Tutorial

Kiki de Montparnasse-Inspired Pillowcases

I once saw a supermodel strutting through the airport with a pillowcase emblazoned with ‘sleep’ on one side and ‘fuck’ on the other. I thought it (and she) was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. In my newfound mission to model myself on her (pun intended), I immediately began my online hunt, only to be disappointed when I learnt that coolness came at a price: £100 to be precise. I don’t have a spare £100 lying round, and if I did, I certainly would not spend it on a single pillowcase. So in true Magpie style, I decided to fashion my own.

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Smith+Mara-Inspired Tutorial

Smith+Mara-Inspired Suspender

As I suspect most people do, I have an ultimate wishlist. This consists of dream items that would require months, if not years, of saving for. You know the sort: the perfect Burberry trench coat or a pair of Valentino Rockstuds. Currently, I have two things on my wishlist: a French bulldog (please, please, PLEASE) and a Smith+Mara suspender. I knew I wanted to have a go at making one myself, and trialled many ideas, but none seemed to work. That was until I found these.

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Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie Tutorial

Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie

This Agent Provocateur bra, designed by and named after the ultimate babe Penelope Cruz, has caught my eye on several occasions. Whilst part of the diffusion line L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – which is cheaper than its pricier sister line – £45 is still out of my budget. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this lookalike bra in Primark for a mere £6 (also available in red satin, a la L’Agent)! I love the unique line of the top and how effortlessly sexy it is.

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Coaster-ing Along

For a while now, I’ve been using dated placemats, and have longed for something more befitting of my interior design vision. After scouring the dining sections of most homeware shops and finding nothing that fitted the bill, I decided to create my own. The best part of this tutorial is that not only can you create something that fits perfectly with your decor, but you can change it up every time you redecorate or get bored!

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