Top of the Crops Tutorial

Top of the Crops

Since the 80’s, those in the Goth community have been DIYing their own clothes to create unique pieces that fit their aesthetic. In an era where crop tops ruled, and fluoro thrived, Goths began shredding their hosiery for their own take on the fashion zeitgeist. This tutorial couldn’t be any simpler, so it’s a wonder it’s not more mainstream – though I suppose this would contradict the subculture’s nature!

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Colette Malouf-Inspired Ring

I’m a stickler for anything that’s a little bit different, and this rings true (get it?) when it comes to my taste in jewellery. One of my favourite pieces is a dainty gold necklace with a charm of a tiny stick man sitting on the chain, and before that, my favourite was a Pilgrim necklace gifted to me on my 13th birthday of a winged-Elvis lookalike. Sounds weird, but it was just the right amount of unusual: a subtle statement and conversation starter. I favour fine gold jewellery, but became so fixated with this Colette Malouf ring you could say it had me wrapped around its finger (sorry, also a stickler for puns)!

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Eyelet That Sink In

The eyelets that dominated the Mugler show are filtering through to the high street – making it high time they made an appearance on Magpie DIY. The hardware juxtaposes industrial influences with luxe vibes, meaning that you can style for either end of the spectrum. And who doesn’t love a multitasking piece?  Add to that the use of a hammer and you get a show-stopping top with in-built stress relief!

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Crack Open The Bauble-y Tutorial

Crack Open The Bauble-y

With Bonfire weekend over, I am finally allowed to prepare for my favourite holiday of all time: Christmas! I’m the sort of person to hum ‘Jingle Bells’ in August, so forcing myself to wait until now has been hard. And truthfully, I have lapsed a bit (a lot) – I have already done all of my Christmas shopping! I know, I know, I’m keen, but I like to be organised when shopping for my loved ones. One thing I don’t love, however, is being caught unprepared when gifted with an unexpected present. True, not everyone expects a present in return, but if someone has gone to the effort to choose something for me, I like to reciprocate. These double-duty baubles are perfect – you can whip a few up and keep them in your bag for this situation, and forever be known as the ultimate present-giver.

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H.O.T.T Air Balloon Chandelier Tutorial

H.O.T.T Air Balloon Chandelier

Every so often, a motif comes along that defines a season: the swallow a few years ago; the pineapple last year… Lately I’ve seen a whole lot of hot air balloons, from tattoos to centrepieces, and I have to admit, I’m smitten. There’s something about a hot air balloon that I find whimsical and almost other-worldly. In my infatuation, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, which led me to discover these (be still my beating heart). I never really ‘got’ the steampunk thing, but these delicate light bulbs have certainly changed my mind.  In keeping with the whimsicality that so draws me to hot air balloons, I decided to create a chandelier of decorated light bulbs, complete with fluffy clouds.

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