Top of the Crops Tutorial

Top of the Crops

Since the 80’s, those in the Goth community have been DIYing their own clothes to create unique pieces that fit their aesthetic. In an era where crop tops ruled, and fluoro thrived, Goths began shredding their hosiery for their own take on the fashion zeitgeist. This tutorial couldn’t be any simpler, so it’s a wonder it’s not more mainstream – though I suppose this would contradict the subculture’s nature!

What you will need:

Top of the Crops Tutorial

  • Leggings (I used these)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  1. Lay your leggings on a flat surface. At the join where the two legs meet, make a small incision. Depending on your desired neckline, use this incision as a centre guideline for the shape you will need to cut out of the leggings: for a v-neckline this is a triangle shape, and for a scoop neckline this is a semi-circle. Try your top on (so what was the top of the leggings becomes the bottom of the top) and adjust the neckline as necessary.

Top of the Crops Tutorial

2. Turn the leggings inside out. Dab a small amount of fabric glue along the neckline.

Top of the Crops Tutorial

3. Wait about 20 seconds for the glue to go tacky (as you would if you were applying false eyelashes). Fold the neckline over to create a seam.

Top of the Crops Tutorial

4. Allow the glue to dry. Turn the leggings so the seams are on the inside before wearing.

Top of the Crops Tutorial

Some ruching around the underarms is inevitable. From here, you can play around with customising your top. Try experimenting with sheer patterned tights (just remember to cut the feet off!). I’m not into crop tops personally, so I would add a velvet or chiffon peplum (by cutting a doughnut shape of material, and glueing the smaller circle to the inside of the crop top).


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