Made You Luxe

Made You Luxe

Welcome to the first edition of my new series: Made You Luxe. Whilst I created Magpie DIY as a platform through which to share my designer-inspired DIY tutorials, I reasoned that there were some great pieces already on the high street that fulfil the Magpie DIY ethos, but wouldn’t translate well into a tutorial. In this series, I’ll be showcasing the pieces I’m loving, but can’t quite work my magic on (hey, we all have our limits).

I’m a longtime lover of Isabel Marant, particularly her knitwear (below) (actually, who am I kidding? I love it all).

Made You Luxe Made You Luxe Made You Luxe           Made You Luxe

So when I found this Pimkie cardigan, it was as if the gates to Isabel Marant heaven had opened to the poor (i.e. me). At £31.99, this cardigan is a steal (and if purchased through ASOS, is eligible for student discount and free delivery!). It’s a versatile statement piece, capable of lifting even the simplest outfit, and one that will see you through winter and into summer. I. Can’t. Stop. Wearing. It. I’m not a huge fan of the boho trend this knitwear typically falls into, so I’ve been styling mine with crisp lace-up shirts and layering with polo neck knits and over-the-knee boots.

Made You Luxe  Made You Luxe

The wool appears to be black in photographs, but is actually more navy, and is thin enough to wear under jackets. It sizes quite large (I bought a S and find it to be more than enough (and I have broad shoulders)).

The second of my winter purchases (sorry not sorry) was this Stradivarius jacket, which I came across this during my Spanish adventure last week, and is a dead ringer for the Acne shearling jacket which has dominated the fashion scene. I’ve been on the hunt for a shearling jacket, but haven’t wanted to compromise style for price.

Made You Luxe Made You Luxe

This one, however, costs £55.99, and is worth it purely for the blissful sensation as you slip your arms into the sleeves; unlike other high-street shearlings, which choose to line their coats with cheap satin to keep costs down, this coat is lined with the wool. Let me tell you, this is the cosiest and warmest coat I have ever owned! The faux leather details on the hem and sleeves add a biker feel, whilst silver hardware packs a subtle punch.

Made You Luxe

It runs true to size (I ordered a S, which fits well, whilst still affording me the oversized look I was after). The only downside is that it isn’t waterproof, and because the shearling is so thick, it can get quite waterlogged when it does rain (as I sadly discovered).

So, there you have it: the inaugural Made You Luxe post. Have you spied any designer-inspired items on the high-street that have Made You Luxe twice?

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