Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie Tutorial

Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie

This Agent Provocateur bra, designed by and named after the ultimate babe Penelope Cruz, has caught my eye on several occasions. Whilst part of the diffusion line L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – which is cheaper than its pricier sister line – £45 is still out of my budget. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this lookalike bra in Primark for a mere £6 (also available in red satin, a la L’Agent)! I love the unique line of the top and how effortlessly sexy it is.

This tutorial is so easy it’s almost criminal to call it such, but here we are…

What you will need:

Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie Tutorial

  • The above bra from Primark (no product link available)
  • Nail scissors
  1. Fold the bra in two so that you can access the bow. Pull the bow to expose the thread holding it to the bra. Using nail scissors, carefully snip this thread. Don’t snip too close to the material or you risk cutting a hole in the bra.

Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie Tutorial

2. Tidy up any remaining threads. You can see in the above photo that there is a slightly messy finish (classic Primark), so I trimmed these. And that’s all there is to it! This is a little trick I often employ with Primark bras – I find that they tend to go overboard with gems and bows, ruining a design which would otherwise be to my taste.

Agent Provocateur-Inspired Lingerie Tutorial

If you need me, I’ll be over here channelling my inner Penelope…

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